In life, we never know what's around the corner. Protect your income and lifestyle.

What happens if you can’t work?

The diagnosis of a serious illness or the sudden inability to work can have an immediate impact on your life.

If you are prevented from working by a sudden illness or injury, you will still face most of the expenses that your income currently pays for. As your capacity to earn decreases, medical expenses and the day-to-day bills can easily build up.

  • Income Protection can provide you with an income if you are out of work in the longer term, due to a serious illness.
  • Specified Illness cover can provide you with a lump sum payment on the diagnosis of specific illnesses such as stroke, cancer and heart attack.
  • Life Insurance can provide a lump sum or income on death. If you don’t have people who depend on you financially, this type of cover may not be as relevant to you as it would be for families.
Did you know The youngest Specified Illness claimant last year was 28 years old