Life Cover

Life Cover can provide a lump sum and/or a monthly income payment to your estate if you die.

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About Life Cover

The type and amount of Life Cover you choose should be based on your individual circumstances and requirements.

Typically, it’s important to have Life Cover in place if your death will have a financial impact on others. If you have a family and dependants, your death could be financially devastating to their finances.

However if you have no dependants, you may just require minimal cover to pay your outstanding debts and ensure your affairs are left in order.

A life cover payout can ensure:

  • your mortgage is paid off when you die and your family is left with a home free from large monthly repayments
  • funeral expenses and any outstanding debts are cleared
  • your dependants can continue to maintain their lifestyle despite the loss of your earnings

For more information, view our Protection FAQs.