Financial planning will help you make the most of your income throughout your life and ensure you are protected from the unexpected

Key benefits

Budget for the big things: children's education, retirement, etc.

Make sure your investments are in the right place

Ensuring your future income is protected from illness and death

Did you know?

Last year, we offered financial advice to over 40,000 customers in branches across the country

Our advisors hand you a full detailed financial plan based on your circumstances and goals, at your meeting

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Our aim is to offer you clarity, control and confidence in whatever financial decisions you make for your future.

We can help you step back and take stock of your finances.

Our tailored plans can help give you a view of how to achieve your long-term aspirations, such as retiring comfortably or providing for your child's education.

Less pleasant, but no less important, we will also help devise a plan to protect your family should you be affected by illness or death.

Once you establish these immediate needs and long-term aspirations, our advisors will present you with a personalised financial report.

We have qualified financial advisors ready to help you take control of your finances through:

  • Reviewing your current financial position, understanding your income and outgoings, assets and liabilities and most importantly, what you want in the long term from your finances
  • Providing you with clarity on how your current provisions can meet your goals for today and in the future
  • Creating a personalised plan tailored to your specific circumstances and stage in life
  • Putting everything in place

Once you start your journey with us, our advisors are available to meet to review and ensure your plans remain on track.

All of our advisors hold a Qualified Financial Advisor Accreditation.

Our customers come from all walks of life, every industry and background.

Ultimately, for most people, your income is the key influence on your future net worth. By meeting with us, we can help you set plans in place now to make sure that you have an income to rely on in the future.

Our advisors can help you:

Financial Planning Toolkit

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