Basic Bank Account

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  • Who can apply for a basic bank account?

    Customers must be legally resident in the European Union (EU).

    Customers must not already hold a personal payment account or current account with any bank in the Republic of Ireland (you will be asked to sign a declaration provided by us to confirm this).

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  • Where can I apply for a Basic Bank Account?

    You can apply for a Basic Bank Account in any Bank of Ireland branch.

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  • What fees and charges are applied to the Basic Bank Account?

    There are no quarterly fees on this account and no fees for maintaining the account.

    From time to time, you may require additional services such as a duplicate statement or using your debit card abroad. Any service charges will normally be debited from your account as they arise and will be shown separately on your account statement. Please see our Schedule of fees and charges for personal customers brochure for service charges which apply to the Basic Bank Account.

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  • Do I get a debit card with the account?

    Yes, you will receive a Visa Debit Card

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  • Can I get an overdraft on the account?

    No overdraft facility is provided on this account.

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