Basic Bank Account

Your everyday banking made easy.


With our Basic Bank Account, there are no fees for maintaining the account*.

There are also no individual charges for the following current account transactions, account services, unpaid items:

  • No charge for these Account Transactions (once the transaction is in euros)

    *Charges may apply for international euro and foreign currency transactions

    • Using a debit card for purchases in euros:
      • contactless transactions
      • chip and PIN transactions
      • online transactions
    • Credit transfers in euros:
      • standing orders
      • direct debits
      • 365 online and phone transactions
      • paper / staff assisted (in branch) transactions
    • Cash withdrawal and cash lodgements in euros:
      • using ATM / Lodgement ATM
      • paper / staff assisted (in branch) transactions
  • No charge for these Account Services
    • Provision of a domestic bank draft**
    • Ordering a duplicate bank statement
    • Ordering an account balance or interest certificate
    • Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards
    • Replacement debit card PIN
    • Stop payment instruction – direct debit
    • Account administration
    • Auditor queries
  • No charge for these Unpaid Items
    • Unpaid standing order
    • Cheque or direct debit returned unpaid from your account
    • Cheque lodged to your account and returned unpaid

For details of the fees and charges that apply to our Basic Current Account, see our brochures below, also available in any Bank of Ireland branch.

* Fees for maintaining the account may be charged after 12 months depending on turnover if the value of lodgements to your account exceeds a certain threshold. This threshold is equivalent to the national minimum hourly rate of pay (as declared from time to time in accordance with Section 11 of the National Minimum Wage Act 2000) multiplied by 2,080 (i.e. 40 hour week x 52 weeks of the year). If this is applicable to your account you will be notified 2 months in advance of this change. For more information on terms and condition for our Basic Bank Account, please view our Basic Bank Account brochure
**Government duty still applies