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An overdraft facility fee of €30 applies on negotiation and annual renewal.
(Currently these charges do not apply to customers with a Graduate or Golden Years Current Account).

For further details refer to our Schedule of fees and charges for Personal Customers brochure:

Important upcoming changes to your Overdraft Schedule of Fees and Charges.
From 23 November we are removing the interest surcharges that may apply to your Personal Overdraft . Please see the brochure below - ‘A Guide to Fees and Service Changes’ - which provides details of these changes that will be effective from 23 November 2020.
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Referral item charges are payable where an account exceeds, or further exceeds, the agreed overdraft limit and has an unauthorised overdraft where no overdraft limit has been agreed.
In addition, an interest surcharge of 0.6% per month (7.2% per annum), to the unauthorised overdraft amount in these circumstances to the amount in excess in these circumstances. Surcharge interest is payable at the same time and in the same manner as the regular interest charge, currently quarterly.

If an account does not revert to credit for at least 30 days during the 12-month period commencing on the date of sanction or any subsequent 12-month period, an interest surcharge of 0.75% per annum will be charged retrospectively on the average full overdraft balance. It will be included in the amount applied at the following quarter's interest posting.

Referral item charges and interest surcharges are in addition to the relevant Overdraft interest rate and apply to the statement (i.e. uncleared) balance.

Lending criteria terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be over the age of 18 years old.

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