My First Home – Mortgage tips & more

Buying your first home is probably the biggest financial decision of your life.

You want to get it right.

So to help out we’ve pulled together the best mortgage tips and insights for first time buyers at every stage of the mortgage journey – saving, looking and buying.

If you’re still wondering if you should buy, we share some good reasons to make that move from renting to home ownership.

Our articles give you expert advice on how to save a mortgage deposit for buying your home, including tips on how to reduce non-essential spending.

We explain the difference between variable and fixed rate mortgages and how to work out how much you can borrow before you apply for a mortgage.

We’ll walk you through the steps to buying your first home, including how to get a mortgage – we reveal whether your application is likely to be approved or not – and share the key things to look out for at each step.

Did you know that our mortgage specialists will come to meet you at a convenient location in the evenings and at the weekend? We let you know how they can help make applying for a mortgage simpler.

Most first time buyers are concerned about whether they can afford to buy a home. We share the full cost of buying a home (it’s more than just saving the deposit) and how you can tell if you are ready to buy.

We also reveal the key questions to ask when you start looking for a home location and then a home (we have a handy checklist to consult) and share the top first time buyer mistakes.

Want to know exactly what going sale agreed means and what the steps are from agreeing a sale to completion and moving into your new home – we tell you in simple terms.

People talk about stamp duty and the mortgage closing process but what do they really mean? We explain everything.

We even have some tips for making moving day less stressful and for inexpensive ways to upgrade your home interior after you move in.

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