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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the new regulations effective from the 1st of July 2022?

    The Central Bank of Ireland has introduced new rules relating to differential pricing, effective from 1st July 2022. In short, they mean that:

    • If you are renewing your motor insurance premium for the second time or more, your renewal price will not be more than a consumer with a similar risk profile and cost of service to you, who is renewing for the first time
    • Providers of motor insurance will have to review their pricing policies and processes annually
    • You can now opt-out of automatic renewal arrangements more easily

    As a result of the new regulations, we expect overall prices for new customers to rise, and renewal prices to come down across the industry.

  • Your policy underwriter is RSA insurance Ireland DAC and here is what they have to say

    For further information and FAQs please click here.

  • I have just received my renewal, what are my options?

    We encourage you to review your renewal documentation which outlines your premium and your cover. Your renewal documentation also includes details of your renewal payment options.

    If you currently pay your premium by direct debit your policy will renew automatically unless you contact us at least 5 working days before your renewal date, to advise us that you do not wish your policy to renew automatically. You can call 01 290 1958 or email to do this.

    From time to time, our new policy quotes may be lower. Please visit to check our new policy prices and to obtain an alternative quote should you so wish. You can also call 01 488 4062. New policies will be subject to qualifying criteria and Underwriting Terms and Conditions.

    You should keep your insurance arrangements under review as there may be other alternatives in the market that could provide savings for you for similar cover.

    More information in relation to getting insurance quotes is available on the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website.

    If you wish to discuss further, please call us on 01 290 1958 or simply email

  • What type of car insurance is available from Bank of Ireland Insurance Services?

    You have two options to choose from:

    1. Comprehensive
    2. Third party fire & theft

    Comprehensive car insurance covers you for a wide range of damage caused by an insured event like an accident, theft, fire, accidental damage to your car and lots more. Third party insurance covers damage to another person’s vehicle and property and covers fire damage to your car. Both our Comprehensive and Third party Fire & theft policies offer you third party cover to drive other cars (eligibility criteria applies). For more information on our Motor Insurance options please click here.

  • What is No Claims Discount?

    No claims discount, is the amount of years you have held an insurance policy without making a claim. Based on the number of years you have been claims free your insurer will reduce your premium. T&Cs apply.

  • What is policy excess?

    Excess is the sum of money which the policy holder is responsible for paying in the event of a claim.

  • Does it cost more to pay for insurance by direct debit?

    Unlike many of our competitors, Bank of Ireland Insurance Services offer interest free monthly repayments so you can spread out the cost of your insurance at no extra cost!

  • I am covered to drive in the EU?

    Our policy offers up to 45 days cover to drive in the European Union. T&Cs apply.

  • Brexit: Uncertainty about the potential implications of Brexit for Irish Motorists.

    Please click here to find out more.

    Please note: Bank of Ireland Insurance Services cannot accept responsibility for information on Third Party Websites.

  • What is the Consumer Insurance Contracts Act (CICA)?

    The Consumer Insurance Contracts Act 2019 (the “Act”), came into effect on September 1st, 2020 and reforms the law applicable to consumer insurance contracts. The main aim of the Act is to strengthen your rights and improve your protection as a consumer. The Act also amends the duties of Insurers and your duties as a consumer. Bank of Ireland Insurance Services welcomes the changes brought about by the Act.

    We have worked with our Insurance Partners to review our policy wordings and documentation and have updated them to ensure that they are compliant with the Act.

    The changes came into effect in two phases; the first from 1st September 2020 and the second on 1st September 2021. We have outlined below the key changes for each effective date.

    Who does the Act apply to?

    The Act applies to consumers. For the purposes of CICA, a consumer is defined in the Financial Services Pensions Ombudsman Act 2017 and includes personal consumers and businesses with an annual turnover of €3m or less in the previous financial year.

    Key Changes from 1st September 2020

    Your Policy

    • Where the Insurer alters the terms and conditions of your policy, you will be notified no later than 20 working days before your renewal date.
    • Where the Insurer cancels your policy, you will be refunded the balance of the premium that you have paid, for the unexpired term of your contract.

    Duties in Relation to Claims

    The Insurer will continue to handle your claims in compliance with the Central Bank of Ireland Consumer Protection Code 2012. However, if the Consumer Insurance Contacts Act applies to your policy, the following will also apply:

    • Your Insurer is under a duty to handle claims promptly and fairly, notify you of a third-party claim as soon as possible and inform you when a claim is settled or closed. Your Insurer will continue to process claims quickly and fairly and to keep you informed throughout the process.
    • The Act reminds you of your duty to report claims within a reasonable time and requires you to respond to reasonable requests for information in an honest and reasonably careful manner.
    • Where it is not possible to quantify the total value of the claim within a reasonable time, but where part of the total value has been quantified, your Insurer will pay that part to you within a reasonable time.
    • Your Insurer will also disclose any information of which they become aware that supports or prejudices the validity of your claim and you will also be required to disclose such information to them.
    • In the event of a claim, your insurer will advise you of any policy conditions under which they are not obliged to pay the full amount of the claim unless and until repair, replacement or re-instatement works have been completed and any required documentation has been provided. Where such conditions apply, the amount of the “claim settlement amount” as defined by the Act, that can be deferred are –
      1. 5% of the claim settlement amount in a case in which the claim settlement amount is less than €40,000 or
      2. 10% in a case in which the claim settlement amount is €40,000 or more.
    • Where a claim contains information that is false or misleading and you know, or you consciously disregard whether it is false or misleading, your Insurer may refuse to pay the claim and may cancel the contract of insurance.
    • The Act also allows third parties to make a claim directly against your insurance policy where –
      1. the person insured under a contract of insurance has died, cannot be found or is insolvent and
      2. where the person insured under a contract of insurance lacks capacity or fails or refuses to communicate with the third-party who suffered injury or loss.

    Key Changes from 1st September 2021

    Your Policy

    • From the 1st of September 2021 the onus will be on the Insurer to ask you all relevant questions when you are buying or renewing a policy.
    • You are required to be honest and not hide any information that would affect the contract and the Insurer is required to do the same. You’re also required to answer any questions asked, honestly and with reasonable care. Where this has not happened, your Insurer may use one of the remedies available under the Consumer Insurance Contracts Act 2019 including, cancel the policy, reject a claim or limit the amount paid in the event of a claim.
    • You are not obliged to offer any more information than you are asked for, however there are changes that you will need to tell your Insurer about if they occur as they may affect your policy e.g. if you build an extension onto your home or your business premises/if you modify your car etc.
    • You will be advised of the changes you need to notify your Insurer of before you enter into a contract.
    • 5 years claims information document will be included with your policy documents.
    • From the 1st of September, as part of the renewal process, you will be provided with a list of claims on your policy for the previous 5 years (or for less than 5 years where you have held a policy with the Insurer for a shorter period).
    • As part of the renewal process you will also be provided with your previous 5 years premium or an annualised version of your premium if you made a change to your policy within any year.

    If you require more information, a full copy of the Act is available at

  • How do I register an account for the Bank of Ireland Insurance digital Wallet?

    Following the purchase of a Bank of Ireland Insurance product you can register an account on our digital Wallet. We will send you a link to set up your account. Use it to verify your email address and choose a password to create your account.

  • I am having issues logging into the Wallet, what should I do?

    1)Forgot your user ID

    • Go to Bank of Ireland Insurance login page. Your user ID is the email address you used to set up your Bank of Ireland Insurance account. If you cannot remember the email you registered with please contact our support team on 01 488 4062 .

    2) Verify your email address

    • Go to Bank of Ireland Insurance login page. Select ‘Reset Password’. When you verify your email address we’ll send instructions to reset your password. If you are still having issues please contact our support team on 01 488 4062 .

    3) Verification code expired

    • Once you register for our digital Wallet a verification code will be sent to your email address. Verification codes are valid for 24hrs. If your code has expired or you are experiencing issues please contact our support team on 01 488 4062.
  • Prior to December 2019, I purchased a policy through Bank of Ireland Insurance Services. Can I view it on the Wallet?

    The Bank of Ireland Insurance Services Wallet is currently available for policies purchased via the Wallet from December 2019. If you have an existing policy with Bank of Ireland Insurance Services purchased before December 2019, you’ll soon be able to add these on your Bank of Ireland Insurance Services wallet. In the meantime you can call us on 01 290 1958 if you have any questions about your existing policies.


Please contact our customer support team, or request a call back if you have any further questions and a member of our team will happily assist.
Ph: 01 4884062 lines open Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00.


Underwriting, terms and conditions apply. Car Insurance is arranged by Bank of Ireland Insurance Services and underwritten exclusively by RSA Insurance Ireland DAC. Bank of Ireland Insurance Services Limited trading as Bank of Ireland Insurance and Bank of Ireland Insurance Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. A member of the Bank of Ireland Group. RSA Insurance Ireland DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
1 Applies to standard rates only. Offer available to new policies and for the first year only. Subject to a minimum premium of €278.25 (plus government levy at the prevailing rate). Underwriting criteria, terms and conditions apply. 35% discount applies to Bank of Ireland customers who have a current Home Insurance policy through Bank of Ireland Insurance Services, if you don’t but you are a Bank of Ireland customer you will receive a maximum discount of up to 25%.