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The everyday credit card with no annual fee. Suitable for all existing Bank of Ireland customers. Apply for your Classic Mastercard online in minutes or call us on 0818 200 412 - Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm.

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Instalment Plan

If you have a Mastercard credit card with Bank of Ireland, you may have the option to spread the cost of your bigger payments at a great low interest rate.

Get Smart. Pay Smart.
Instalment Plan Option | Spread your bigger credit card payments over €500 at a great low rate of 6.9% APR

What is Instalment Plan?

  • A perfect alternative to getting a small loan. Enables you to transfer a credit card purchase over €500 onto a lower rate of 6.9% Annual Percentage Rate variable
  • Spreads the cost of the purchase as you pay it off in 12 equal monthly instalments as you won’t have to pay full amount off at the next payment day
It’s simple to set up
1 Pay for your item (The item must be over €500 in value).
2 Complete our online application form before your next payment due date.

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Purchase amount APR variable rate Term Total cost of credit Monthly instalment amount
€580 6.9% 12 months €21.02 €50.09
Representative example of credit card purchase at nominal variable interest rate of 6.7%. This example is an estimate and subject to rounding.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Only two purchases can be put on your Instalment Plan at any one time
  • The total of all purchases you put onto Instalment Plan option can be up to a total of 80% of the credit limit on your card.
  • All other credit card transactions will continue to accrue at the standard rate of interest applicable on the account. You must be in compliance with the terms and conditions of use of your card.

Which Bank of Ireland credit cards offer this feature?

You can set up an Instalment Plan with all our MasterCard credit cards except for the Student credit card

Please note: We have rebranded Payment Plan to Instalment Plan effective from 17th September 2015

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