International Protection Applicants

At Bank of Ireland, we pride ourselves in improving the financial wellbeing of all our customers. At the heart of financial wellbeing is financial inclusion and that means access to basic banking products for all. We support international protection applicants by providing access to banking products and recognising the need for interpretive services to ensure that everyone gets the financial service supports they need.

What documentation will I need to open an account?

To open an account, we require documentation to check who you are (proof of identity), where you live (proof of address) and your source of income.

If you are unable to provide documents such as a passport and utility bill, we can accept alternative documents for identifying and verifying you. The table below explains the documents that we can accept.

Alternative documents
Proof of identity
  • An Irish Government issued Refugee Travel Document

The following documents can be accepted alongside a suitable additional document proving your date of birth, for example a letter from the Department of Justice and Equality which details your date of birth. Photographic ID is also required if your image is not included on the document you are providing.

  • Confirmation of your refugee status, subsidiary protection or permission to remain (e.g. the Ministerial declaration from the Department of Justice).
  • An in date Temporary Residence Certificate issued by the International Protection Office
  • A Stamp 4 Irish Residency Permit
  • A Letter from International Protection Office showing your photo and date of birth
Proof of address
One of the following address verification documents can be accepted, it must be in date within the last 6 months:

  • A letter from the Department of Justice (this may include a letter from the International Protection Office or the International Protection Appeals Tribunal).
  • A letter from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth that is addressed to you by name and address (the letter must relate to your asylum application).
  • A letter of Introduction from an approved Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre (EROC) accommodation provider or from a Direct Provision Centre.
  • A letter from Revenue confirming you have registered for Revenue Online if you are in Direct Provision and have permission to work. This letter will contain your residential address.
  • A letter from a recognised school/college/institute of further or higher education confirming acceptance onto a course or programme.
  • A letter from the Department of Social Protection about your benefits is acceptable as a proof of address document.
  • A letter from a host family/landlord verifying that the applicant is living with them/or at a property owned by them. The host family principal/landlord will be required to attend the branch with the applicant and provide identity and verification during the visit. For hosts/landlords who are non-BOI Customers proof of identity (Photo/DOB) and proof of address will be required. BOI Customers can use their Visa Debit Card or Photo ID as a means of identification.
Source of income
One of the following income verification documents can be accepted:

  • A letter from the Department of Social Protection if you are receiving welfare payments will meet the criteria. Alternatively, you can provide receipts showing previous payments.
  • Receipt of payment of the Daily Expenses Allowance (e.g. post office receipt)
  • Two payslips or a copy of your employment contract if you have a job.
  • A job offer on headed paper from a prospective employer.