Specified Illness cover

Can help relieve financial pressure when faced with the unexpected.


  • What details do you need to give when applying for a Protection Product?

    Our expert advisers will take you through the application process

    • They will ask questions about your lifestyle (e.g. your hobbies, your smoking and alcohol consumption), your occupation, your medical history, such as whether you have been hospitalised or been to see your GP recently and the outcome, your family’s medical history, your doctor’s contact details.

    With your consent, your doctor may be contacted to provide a report on your health depending on your health, age, type and amount of policy you want to take out.

    These details are required by the insurance company to assess the appropriate premium. It is extremely important that you fill out this form truthfully and in full, as these details are fundamental to your contract. If you have any doubts as to whether something is relevant or not you should include it. This will mean that if you or you family do need to claim in the future, you can be confident that the claim will run smoothly.

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  • What should you think about before applying for Specified Illness Cover?

    If you are employed:

    • Does your employer provide sick pay?
    • If so, how much do you get?
    • How long do you get paid?
    • Do you have an existing specified illness policy or an Income Protection policy and if so, what level of cover do you have?

    If you are self employed:

    • What existing cover you have, whether through an existing specified illness policy or an Income Protection policy?
    • How comprehensive is this cover? Could it provide you with an income and cover the full medical costs and rehabilitation costs if you were diagnosed with a serious illness?

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  • What types of illnesses are covered under Specified Illness Cover?
    • The illnesses covered are severe ones, ones that will most likely have you out of work for a period of time.
    • Specified Illness Cover pays a benefit if you suffer one of the illnesses specified in the terms and conditions of the policy.
    • You can review the illnesses covered in the terms and conditions of the policy. Your illness must also meet the severity specified otherwise they may not be covered.

    Most of the claims paid are as a result of cancer, heart attack or stroke.

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  • Will you need to attend a doctor?
    1. If you have had an illness in the past that the insurance company needs to know more about, or
    2. If the amount of cover you require is very large, you may be asked to attend a doctor for examination and/or tests (this review process is known as underwriting).
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  • Where can I download the Commission Summary Document?

    Click here to download the I&I PDF.

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