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Asset Classes

The main asset classes are equities, property, fixed interest bonds and cash.

Assets such as company shares and property have the potential to provide better returns than deposits in the longer term. However, they require you to take a level of investment risk.


  • Company stocks and shares – offer the greatest potential for return with strong performance over the medium to long-term. They can be quite volatile over short periods of time.


  • Commercial property investments – can provide excellent long-term growth, though they can also experience periods of poor return. Investments are typically in top quality prime commercial properties primarily in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe.

Fixed Interest Bonds

  • Government and corporate bonds – can provide a secure income. The value of these bonds are generally not as volatile as equities. Historically, however, they have not generated the same returns that investment in equities have over the long-term.


  • Cash deposits are the least volatile form of investment. Cash funds are secure but usually provide the lowest growth over the long-term.