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Fly with Aer Credit Card
The only credit card in Ireland that gives you travel rewards as you spend

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There are fees and charges that apply to the Aer Credit Card. Please see the table below:

Monthly Account Fee €6.50
Government Stamp Duty €30.00
Cross Border Handling Fee Transactions in Euro – No charge
All other transactions – 2.25% of value of transaction
Cash Advance Fee Transactions in Euro
1.5% subject to a minimum of €2.54 per transaction.
Non Euro Transactions
A cash Advance fee of 1.5% will be applied to a Euro converted amount including the 2.25% Cross Border Handling Fee referred to above, subject to a minimum of €2.54 per transaction.
Late Payment Fee €7.50
Overlimit Fee €7.50
Unpaid Cheques/Direct Debits/Standing Orders €5.00

Effective as at 2 April 2023.

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