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At Bank of Ireland, we know that you like to be able to manage your money on the go. Our simple and hassle free Mobile Banking App gives you access to the most popular online banking services - securely and directly from your own smart phone.

So no matter where you are, you can check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, apply for a loan, order foreign cash and access other useful services through your phone, whenever it suits you.

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Pay to Mobile

Now available to all 365 online customers, Pay to Mobile allows our mobile banking app customers transfer money to any registered Bank of Ireland account simply by knowing the mobile number of the account holder.

You don’t need to know the bank account number or sort code of the person you’d like to transfer money to, you just need to know their mobile number.

It’s a really convenient and fast way of sending money to family and friends and is safe and secure.

All customers wishing to use Pay to Mobile must first register for this service on 365 Online. To do this, just click the Register button below and nominate the account into which you’d like to receive any funds.

Mobile Banking App customers are required to upgrade their App and accept new terms and conditions to avail of this service.

  • For how to register for Pay to Mobile, click here
  • To sign up to become a 365 online customer, click here
  • For more information on downloading the Mobile Banking App for iOS click here
  • For more information on downloading the Mobile Banking App for Android click here
  • How it Works
    Register for the Pay to Mobile service now:

    • To use the Pay to Mobile service, you first need to register on 365online. Once you have logged into 365online, click on ‘Money Transfer’ on left hand menu, then ‘Pay to Mobile registration’ to register your phone number and nominate the account into which you’d like to receive any funds. You will receive a letter in the post with a security code to activate your mobile phone. Once your phone is activated you will be able to register for Pay to Mobile
    • To transfer money you will need to have downloaded our Mobile Banking App.  Once customers have nominated their Bank of Ireland bank account and mobile number on 365 online, transferring money to them is easy.  You don’t need to know their account number. Using the mobile banking app, you just select the account you wish to pay from, and the phone number of the person you’d like to transfer money to. Provided you have funds in your account, the money will be transferred instantly (subject to Bank of Ireland cut-off times).
    • To receive money, you don’t need to be a Mobile Banking App customer but you do need to be a 365 online customer and have registered your account and mobile number for Pay to Mobile.

    Non-smartphone customers won’t be able to download the app but will still be able to receive transfers once you have a mobile phone number and have registered your bank account on 365 online.

  • Benefits
    Check out the benefits of using our Pay to Mobile service. You will wish you had registered sooner!

    • You can send money to anyone using just a mobile phone number, or by simply selecting a contact from your phone’s address book (as long as they have registered their account on 365 online)
    • It’s fast and convenient. Transfer money via the app anytime, anywhere
    • It’s safe and secure, giving you peace of mind
    • There is no additional cost to use this service
    • You can send up to €100/£100 in one transaction and up to €300/£300 a day to family and friends subject to available funds
    • You can receive up to €600/£600 daily from other users