Young Savers Current Account

Teaching children how to save early in life is an important habit to form. They will quickly understand more about the value of money and learn how to save for things that matter to them - a new toy, DVD or the latest computer game.

Features & Benefits

What you get with a Young Savers Account:

  • You'll receive interest on your savings four times a year and you'll also get a statement once a year which tells you exactly what's in your account.

  • You can lodge or withdraw in Bank of Ireland branches. Visit our branch locator to see which branch is the most convenient for you for the service you require.

  • Parents can log on to 365 online and open an account in minutes.

  • Open an account for your child online today and they will receive a free backpack of their choice. Choose from a neutral blue or pink bag, Leinster, Munster, Ulster or Ollie the Owl backpack.

  • Access to Ireland’s largest Branch network.

  • Open a Young Savers account today - an account designed for children aged 0 - 12.

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