Card Care

Now there’s an easy way to take greater control over your credit card. With Card Care you can get your up-to-the-minute balance and check transactions, at any time, online. You can also order a replacement card, access your PIN, change your address and lots more.

It’s simple, it’s quick and it puts you firmly in control.

Card Care is available for personal card customers and only primary card holders can register.
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Features & Benefits

With Card Care you get:

OMI005423_balanceView real time Balance & Transactions including Pending Transactions
OMI005423_relpacementUpdate Contact Details (Address, home/work phone and email address)
OMI005423_relpacementRequest a Replacement Card
OMI005423_relpacementView your Pin online
OMI005423_relpacementView & Download Statements


Please note:

  • Card Care is only for consumer card customers
  • Only the Primary Card Holder can register for Card Care
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