Existing Rates

Credit Card Rates for existing products which can no longer be opened by new customers

Variable Rates correct as of December 1st 2015

Standard Advantage 24.5% APR
Gold Advantage 22.2% APR
Twin * 25.7% APR
Clear Card** 19.9% APR
Gold Affinity Card*** 18.5% APR

* Rates, Fees and Charges also applicable to Visa Personal, Personal MasterCard and Standard MasterCard Schemes
**Withdrawn from sale March 8th 2013
***Withdrawn from sale September 25th 2015

To upgrade to a new product or to discuss your credit card rate please contact us at 1890251251

Fees and Charges applicable to Clear Credit Card, Standard Advantage, Gold Advantage, Twin and Gold Affinity Credit Cards

Unpaid/Returned Direct Debits

  • €3.17 Standard Advantage, Gold Advantage, Twin and Gold Affinity credit cards
  • €9.50 Clear Cards

Copy Statement Fees

  • For the 1st page of each individual statement; €3.80
  • For each subsequent page of statement; €2.50

Cross Border Handling Fee:

A cross-border handling fee will not apply to transactions in euro. All other transactions will be subject to a cross-border handling fee of up to 2.25% of the transaction.

Cash advance Fee:

1.5% subject to a minimum of €2.54 per transaction

Government Stamp Duty:


A processing fee of 1%, minimum €1.27 and €6.35 maximum will be charged where payment to a credit card is made by foreign cheque.

Annual Account Fee:

Gold Affinity €76.18

Late Payment Fee:

Clear Card and Gold Affinity €7.50

Over Limit Fee:

Clear Cards €6.25, Gold Affinity €7.50

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