Christmas is home

Season’s Greetings
from Bank of Ireland

Christmas ho-ho-h’opening hours

To help with all your seasonal banking needs, here are our opening hours this Christmas and New Year. We wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Where “normal hours” is referenced for branch banking, please see our branch locator as opening hours vary by branch.

The above are the opening times for the majority of our branches with the following exceptions:

Opening hours for our Customer Service Teams

  • Lost and Stolen Cards & Credit Card Services Team

    DateLost & Stolen – 1890 706 706Verified by Visa3D SecureCredit Card Services 1890 251 251
    Christmas Eve, Monday 24thAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/78am-6pm
    Christmas Day, Tuesday 25thAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/7Closed
    St. Stephens Day, Wednesday 26thAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/7Closed
    Thursday 27th DecemberAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/710am-5pm
    Friday 28th DecemberAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/78am-8pm
    Saturday 29th DecemberAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/78am-6pm
    Sunday 30th DecemberAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/710am-5pm
    Monday 31st DecemberAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/78am-8pm
    New Years Day, Tuesday 1st JanuaryAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/7Closed
    Wednesday 2nd JanuaryAvailable 24/7Available 24/7Available 24/78am-8pm

  • Contact us via our Social Media channels
    Christmas Eve, Monday 24thAvailable 24/79am-5pm9am-5pm
    Christmas Day, Tuesday 25thAvailable 24/7ClosedClosed
    St. Stephens Day, Wednesday 26thAvailable 24/7ClosedClosed
    Thursday 27th DecemberAvailable 24/7ClosedClosed
    Friday 28th December (normal working day)Available 24/79am-6pm9am-6pm
    Saturday 29th DecemberAvailable 24/7Closed9am-1pm
    Sunday 30th DecemberAvailable 24/7ClosedClosed
    New Years Eve, Monday 31st DecemberAvailable 24/79am-5pm9am-5pm
    New Years Day, Tuesday 1st JanuaryAvailable 24/7ClosedClosed

  • 365 Direct Phone Services

    DateDirect ROIDirect SalesROI Branch PhonesPremierBOL
    Saturday 22 December9am-6pm10am-2pmClosed24 hoursClosed
    Sunday 23 December9am-6pmClosedClosed24 hoursClosed
    Monday 24 December8am-6pm8am-4pm9am-5.30pm24 hours8am-5pm
    Tuesday 25 DecemberClosedClosedClosed24 hoursClosed
    Wednesday 26 DecemberClosedClosedClosed24 hoursClosed
    Thursday 27 December9am-6pmClosed9am-5.30pm24 hours9am-6pm(UK only)
    Friday 28 December8am-Midnight8am-8pm9am-5.30pm24 hours8am-6pm
    Saturday 29 December9am-6pm10am-2pmClosed24 hoursClosed
    Sunday 30 December9am-6pmClosedClosed24 hoursClosed
    Monday 31 December9am-8pm8am-6pm9am-5.30pm24 hours8am-5pm
    Tues 1st JanuaryClosedClosedClosed24 hoursClosed

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