International Protection Applicants

At Bank of Ireland, we pride ourselves in improving the financial wellbeing of all our customers. At the heart of financial wellbeing is financial inclusion and that means access to basic banking products for all. We support international protection applicants by providing access to banking products and recognising the need for interpretive services to ensure that everyone gets the financial service supports they need.

Setting up an account and bringing an Interpreter to open an account

When you have your required documentation ready you can come into any Bank of Ireland branch and we can start the process to get your new account set up.

Bank of Ireland understands that some customers may not have any English language skills or may feel their English skills aren’t sufficient in order to be able to answer the questions during a branch visit. If this is the case for you, we are happy for you to bring a friend, colleague or translator with you who can interpret for you.

In addition, several Bank of Ireland colleagues speak a number of languages and we would be happy to try help if you don’t have someone who can interpret. Just ask your Welcome Advisor in the branch.

You can open a personal current account online if you prefer, without coming into branch, please note the documents required to open the account and follow the process by clicking here. The Basic Bank account cannot be opened online.