Financial Wellbeing For Your Child

Talking to your kids about money

We know that parents and guardians want their children to appreciate the value of money and understand how money works.

In addition to our financial wellbeing programmes for primary and secondary schools, we have also developed a unique and simple financial education programme for parents that can be delivered with ease at home in the form of engaging money chats and challenges.

Talking Cents – a guide for parents and guardians

This fun and engaging guide will help children aged up to 12 years to learn about:

  • The history of money
  • Where money comes from
  • How to be smart with cash
  • How to plan and save
  • Budgeting

Download the guide and begin your conversation.

Download our Ollie the Owl saving poster to help your child work towards their saving goal.

Schools Programmes

Our comprehensive programmes are available to primary and secondary schools free of charge! If you would like more information on the schools programmes visit our schools page