Basic Bank Account

We can offer you a Basic Bank Account so you can manage your day-to-day banking.

About you and your situation

  • Is this your first bank account in the Republic of Ireland?
  • Are you concerned about not having standard identification or documentation to allow you to open an account?
  • Are you on social welfare or disability allowance and need a basic bank account to keep your money safe?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help.

How we can help

If you are over 18, or over the age of 16 if not in full-time education, legally resident in the European Union (EU), and don’t already have a payment or bank account in the Republic of Ireland, you can apply for a Bank of Ireland Basic Bank Account and start using mobile, online and phone banking. Fees are not charged on your Basic Bank Account for the first 12 months.

How to get support

1. Get in touch with your local branch, let them know that you have no other account in the Republic of Ireland and want to open a Basic Bank Account:

  • Pop into your nearest branch (click the link to find a location that suits you)
  • Our branch colleagues will make sure the account is suitable for you
  • A Basic Bank Account can only be opened as a sole account, not a joint account
  • We will help you to fill out the application form and we have a list of frequently asked questions you can check
  • The branch staff will copy your photo ID (for example, your passport or driver’s license, but we can also accept alternatives) and your proof of address

2. They will send your application to be processed:

  • This generally takes 4 to 5 working days, if everything is correct.

3. We will let you know when your account is open:

  • We will text your BIC and IBAN to the mobile number on your application, when your account is open
  • You will then get two letters – one with your new VISA debit card (6 to 7 days later) and one with your card PIN (2 to 3 days afterwards).

Find out more

  • Read more about our Basic Bank Account
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Questions
  • We also have other current accounts that may suit you better, please visit Current Accounts
  • Check out the Irish Banking Culture Board’s (IBCB) banking How to Guides here. These guides are for all member banks and are part of an initiative to support people with intellectual disabilities to develop financial independence.

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