Moving to Bank of Ireland

We can help support you, a family member or someone you care for, if you are in vulnerable circumstances and need additional support and guidance to move to Bank of Ireland.

About you and your situation

  • Do you want to move to Bank of Ireland but can’t go into your local branch because you have mobility issues?
  • Have you a close friend, family member or someone you care for who wants to move to Bank of Ireland but can’t do it without your assistance?
  • Have you a close friend, family member or someone you care for who wants to move to Bank of Ireland but lacks capacity and you need to do it for them?
  • Have you a close friend or family member in a nursing home and you need to get their account moved so they can pay the nursing home?
  • Does moving bank make you anxious and you need some extra help and space when you visit a branch?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help.

How we can help

We can provide additional support and guidance to ensure that you can move your account to Bank of Ireland, whatever your circumstances.

How to get support

1. Get in touch and let us know whether you are a new customer or someone supporting a new customer:

  • Please call into a branch or phone our contact centre on 1800 946 146 and choose option 2
  • New customers: please let us know the details of your circumstances so we can help support you to move bank
  • Family, friends, carers or nursing home staff: please let us know whether the person wanting to move bank has issues with missing or incomplete documentation, decision-making capacity or mobility.

2. The person you contact will take your details and, if needed, let our Customer Care team know:

  • For most requests, we will be able to provide a solution straight away
  • Sometimes, we may need to refer the case to our Customer Care team for a decision and this may lead to a small delay in moving bank
  • If you have a General or Enduring Power of Attorney, Ward of Court, or an ADMA agreement, please bring them to the branch along with a bank statement from the customer’s existing bank as well photo ID and proof of address for the customer.

3. We will let you know when the new account is opened:

  • We will send a text to the registered number on file to let you know the account is open
  • Both the debit card and PIN will arrive by post, in separate envelopes, the card within 6-7 working days from the date the account opens, and the PIN 2-3 days later
  • If you need us to provide written proof to the customer’s existing bank that the account is open, please just ask
  • If you need to set-up standing orders to a nursing home, please let us know so we can help you.
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