Bank of Ireland supporting financial literacy for young people

  • Free financial and enterprise programmes
  • Available to schools throughout Ireland
  • Developed with financial experts
  • Delivered by a network of BoI staff
Bank of Ireland supporting financial literacy for young people

“Our students effectively ran a startup business in the form of a School Bank, gaining valuable insights into marketing, management and customer service, while putting into practice teamwork and organisational skills. The Bank of Ireland-run programme is something I’d recommend to other schools.”

Castletroy College, Limerick


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Some background

Youth Financial Literacy aims to help young people understand money, so that they can make empowered decisions throughout life.

The content is free. We appreciate that understanding the importance of money will help students to manage it in the best way possible, and also encourage young entrepreneurs.

Primary school programmes

Talking Cents with Ollie

This magazine helps children aged 7-12 learn the essentials about money and includes discussion tips for teachers and parents.

Bizworld @ Bank of Ireland Workshop

Guided by a tutor, 5th class students form a startup company and develop a new business idea during a 2-day workshop, where they’ll put entrepreneurial skills into practice, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Risk analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience and adaptability

Secondary school programmes

Financial Literacy

Bank of Ireland Youth Coordinators help secondary school students (Junior and Senior Cycle) to understand financial management skills and more including:

  • money management
  • earning and spending
  • starting a business
  • staying safe online

It also features a talk to parents / guardians on preparing for life after school.

School Bank

Students learn about banking by working in a school bank. CV-enhancing roles include Bank Manager and Digital Marketing Manager, among others. Insights are gained into:

  • CV and interview skills
  • customer service
  • presentation skills
  • compliance
  • marketing

TY Academy

This workshop opens the door to the world of business over 3 days. TY students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills for life, while practising entrepreneurship, communication and teamwork.

Bond Trader challenge

5th and 6th years learn about business and enterprise through stimulating interactive games, competitions and outings. Teams are put in real-life market situations, and must decide whether to buy or sell stocks as if they were on a trading floor.

Key learnings that determine whether they make or lose money include:

  • Economic indicators
  • The law of supply and demand
  • The relationship between interest and inflation