Here is a quick summary of what to expect during the switching process.

So, you have decided to switch your mortgage to Bank of Ireland.

What’s the next step? Call our dedicated Switcher team on 1890 365 850.

Here is a quick summary of what to expect during the switching process. Follow our step by step guide to switching and you could soon be saving money and availing of our cashback offer and low interest rates.

      1. Our Switching Calculator will give you an indication of how much your repayments will be and how much you can save with a Bank of Ireland mortgage.
      2. Meet with one of our qualified mortgage experts who will explain all of your options – Choose the channel which is most convenient for you: (i) request a call back; (ii) make an appointment in your local branch or make an appointment with one of our Mobile Mortgage Managers at a time and place that is convenient for you. Our mortgage specialists will guide you through each stage of the application process. Call our dedicated Switcher line on 1890 365 850 for further information.
      3. At Bank of Ireland, we commit to getting back to you about your mortgage application really quickly so there's no waiting around.
      4. When you are switching your mortgage to Bank of Ireland, you will need a solicitor to act on your behalf to complete the legal work required. We will send a copy of all loan documentation to your solicitor. You will also need to organise a valuation. You will need your own funds to pay your valuer and solicitor before the mortgage is issued.
      5. If your switching application is successful, we will send you out Mortgage Approval in Principle and related documentation. The Approval in Principle is valid for six months. When you have met the criteria and returned the necessary documentation we will then provide you with a formal Loan offer Letter which sets out the remaining terms and conditions for the mortgage and any further documentation required.
      6. It is a legal requirement that you have buildings insurance in place covering your property. By law, you also need to take out a mortgage protection policy when you take out a mortgage. That way, if you were to die before your mortgage was paid off, the remainder of the loan would be paid off and your family wouldn’t have to worry about any unnecessary debt.
      7. Your solicitor will liaise with us to transfer the mortgage amount to your previous lender once all the documentation is signed and in order.
      8. We’ll give you 2% Cashback when you drawdown your new mortgage with us. If you’re a Bank of Ireland current account customer, you can also qualify for Cashback PLUS - we’ll give you an extra 1% of your mortgage back as cash after 5 years. Find out more about our Cashback PLUS offer. (Terms and Conditions apply).

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The lender is Bank of Ireland Mortgages. Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. A typical mortgage to buy your home of €100,000 over 20 years with 240 monthly instalments costs €615.79 per month at 4.2% variable (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) 4.3%). APRC includes €150 valuation fee and mortgage charge of €175 paid to the Property Registration Authority. The total amount you pay is €148,114.60. We require property and life insurance. You mortgage your home to secure the loan. Maximum loan is generally 3.5 times gross annual income and 80% of the property value (90% of the property value for first time buyers). A 1% interest rate rise would increase monthly repayments by €54.02 per month. The cost of your monthly repayments may increase – if you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home.

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